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Plumber Saves Man's Life

We all know that Plumbers can save us from floods or other plumbing related issues that could cost us big bucks, but we don’t think of them as “lifesavers” in the literal sense. In Bessemer city North Carolina seventy year old John Matsik had problems with his sink drain so he decided to call a plumber.

John called the plumber to fix his sink drain because “We had a drain that wouldn’t go down, and a drain is needed when you’re going to have Christmas dinner,” said John Matsik. The plumber arrived at the home a short time later and while the two were looking for a roof vent John Matsik climbed onto a pool storage box for a better view. The same time the locksmith had just crawled under the house a little ways head a crashing noise then a splash. He realized that John the home owner had fallen into the pool and he must crawl out from under the house and rescue him.

The big problem here was that the water that john fell into was a bone chilling 45 degrees and could cause hypothermia very fast. Luckily the plumber was able to rescue John who said the water was so cold that it “took his breathe away” and had trouble holding onto the side of the pool. The plumber grabbed john by his belt and pulled him from the water.

John Matsik claims that not only did this plumber save his Christmas but probably his life also. John said “He’s my hero,” Matsik said. “If he wasn’t here, I wouldn’t be here, he also fixed the sink!” showing just how important a good plumber can be. If you or anyone you know needs a good plumber in Arizona contact Spartan Plumbing for fast reliable service! Let our dedicated team of professionals handle all of your plumbing, heating & cooling needs! Contact Spartan Plumbing today and learn about the Spartan difference.




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