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Arizona Plumbing Experts Give the Lowdown on Sewer Smoke Testing

According to Southern Arizona Plumbing experts, and Ahwatukee Plumber, Spartan Plumbing Incorporated the plumbing industry has been using smoke testing since 1875.

Plumbers use smoke tests to find leaks in plumbing infrastructure.  Moreover a smoke test is conducted by forcing non-toxic artificially created smoke through waste and drainage pipes under pressure to spot leaks.

The way an expert plumber knows that there is a leak is that plumes of smoke will form where there are defects in infrastructure.  The defects found are typically sites where sewer gas is escaping.  Sewer gas typically has a rotten egg smell and can contain methane gas, which is explosive, and hydrogen sulfide gas, which can be deadly.

Plumbing smoke tests can also be used to find places where compromised pipes are spilling fluid.  Additionally smoke tests can be used to check sanitary sewer systems for places where ground water and storm runoff can enter.

When an expert is smoke testing a sanitary sewer system it is helpful to partially block off only the underground section which needs to be tested. This process is conducted by lowering a sand bag into the manhole and is swung into position to partially block lines.  To completely block the line could cause water to back up and would prevent the test smoke from pluming at a infrastructure defect.

If smoke plumes are appearing outside of the manhole rim then a defect is noted as present and the next step towards repair is taken.

If you would like to learn more about sewer smoke testing or think that your residential system might need testing contact the Southern Arizona and most trusted Ahwatukee Plumber experts at Spartan Plumbing Incorporated!