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5 Home Winterization Tips

Though it’s not super cold right now in your Tucson area, always good to be top of mind on these aspects, and to prevent anything

When the temperature drops down to 20 degrees Fahrenheit or below, pipes are more prone to freezing. A burst pipe can cost upwards of $10,000 or more to repair the damage.


Preparing pipes for cold weather will ultimately cost much less. Pipes that are located in basements, outside walls, garages, attics, and crawl spaces are the most susceptible to freezing due to cold air being able to reach them via holes in walls utilized for telephone or cable lines.

Preventative Measures for Pipes

Keep all cabinet doors open so that warm air can circulate around the pipes. Fitting any exposed pipes with wrapping, controlled heat tape, or foam insulation sleeves will slow down the heat transfer.

As you would expect, the more insulation, the better. Look for cracks or holes in foundations and walls, and fill them with caulking.

If there are pipes that are located in unheated or unprotected areas of the home, keep a deliberate trickle of water flowing from faucets that are connected to those pipes. If your Tucson home will be unoccupied during cold months, draining the water system is strongly suggested.

Preventative Measures for the Home

Before the cold weather sets in, disconnect any hoses and make sure that all hose bibs are shut off from inside the home via a shut off valve, then drain any lingering water from the lines.

If there are any hot-water radiators in the home, be sure to open the valves slightly to bleed out any water, and then close the valves when water comes into view.

Check for any excess water that may have pooled in cooling systems, and then drain the water from the pipes and hoses. Wrapping water heaters in insulation blankets can also reduce heat loss, and can save you up to 15% on energy bills.

Miscellaneous Tips

In case of an emergency, know where the water main is located in your Tucson home in case you need to shut it off in a hurry.

In extreme situations such as a vacation home being unoccupied for lengths of time in bitter climates, it would be best to call a plumber to inspect all systems, drain the water heater, and replace any water left in the drains and traps with a nontoxic antifreeze solution.

Winter is almost upon us in the Tucson, AZ area. To get the best advice on winterizing your home, call Spartan Plumbing at 520-617-1000 today!