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Never Blow Money on Bad Plumbing , Heating & Cooling

We all know just how important plumbing is to a home, but we don’t often hear how dangerous bad plumbing can be. One family found out first hand just how dangerous a bad plumber can be to your property, and to your family. A family in South Africa had a plumber come in and install a water heater, or as they call it there a geyser into their home.

The family who lives in Washington South Africa had a narrow escape when their hot water heater exploded in the children’s playroom. The explosion was so severe it sent shrapnel, and nails flying around the play room. The explosion was caught on camera by the nanny camera, and it showed the water heater shooting 5 meters from its foundation when the explosion occurred. Thank goodness for everyone involved that no one was hurt during the explosion. If the water heater had been installed correctly then none of this would have happen in the first place police say.

We have all had plumbing problems before and know just how frustrating they can be. You just want to get it fixed fast, so you call the first number you can find on google. The issue we just discussed should make you think twice about calling the first number you see. You should always call a licensed professional plumber like Spartan. At Spartan we have licensed professionals to help you with whatever problem you may have at your home or business. We offer a wide range of different services for plumbing, heating & cooling at Spartan. If you’re dealing with plumbing problems give Spartan Plumbing a call today and see how we can work for you!





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