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Money Down the Drain - New Home Plumbing Problems

People often do not think about plumbing being an issue to concern yourself when moving into/buying a new property, but that is not the case. The New York Times reported on one such problem, a couple from Queens New York ran into after buying there new apartment. Days after the couple had signed the new lease the plumbing became a huge problem for them.

The couple found out that the landlord had failed to mention to them that because of the narrow pipes on their property they would not be allowed to flush toilet paper, or other paper down their toilet or it would cause the toilet to clog. The couple was extremely upset, and said that if this information had been disclosed before their purchase they would have never bought the property. Fortunately for the couple James B Fishman a Manhattan lawyer who represents tenants said “This material defect should have been disclosed before you signed the lease. Because it wasn’t, you have grounds to break the lease. But you need to act quickly, or the landlord could argue that you waived your objection to the defect.”

The issue brought to light by this couples problem is a common problem around the United States with plumbing. The importance of having a licensed reliable plumber who you can trust to inspect any property you are thinking of moving into is essential. Having a reliable licensed plumber like Spartan could end up saving you thousands of dollars in the long run. If you or someone you know is dealing with plumbing, heating, or cooling problems for their home or business have them contact Spartan today! Let our dedicated team of professionals at Spartan make sure your property is working the way it should be!




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