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Make the Right Choice for Your Household

Buying the right water heater for your Tucson home entails making the right choice. Although there are various types available, you only need to choose the one that is convenient for your needs and situation.

However, most people end up making the wrong choices for reasons such as lack of knowledge about different water heater varieties. Here are some facts you may find useful about different types of water heaters for the best decision.


Storage Tank Water Heater

This is certainly the most common type of water heater. It is one of the easiest to use and probably the best when it comes to energy efficiency.

The unit is made with a layer of insulation to keep the water hot until the time it is needed. The tanks are available in electric, liquid propane as well as natural gas.

The type that has proved efficient is the natural gas model, which uses less energy and is less expensive to operate.

Tankless On-Demand

These are different from the earlier mentioned. They don’t have an option for storing water. Rather, the heater heats the water as it passes for use.

The tankless water heater is more energy efficient since it does not store water. However, the system provides a limited flow of water, say3.5 gallons of water heated every minute.


These are small storage water heaters that are mostly convenient for offering hot water to be used in garages, outbuildings and shops. The heaters come in different sizes, ranging from 3.5 to 17 gallons, so you have a wide variety to choose from depending on your specific needs. Some large models of these heaters can also be used to offer hot water to secondary bathrooms that are built far from your Tucson home.

Mobile Home

Mobile homes need water haters that are designed specifically for this kind of settlement. These heaters can either be gas or electric, with electric varieties offering a more affordable option. When you select gas mobile home heaters, it is good to ensure you have chosen the correct type, propane of natural gas.

It is also necessary to consider the location and the level of ventilation provided. If there will be no outside access for the gas, it is advisable to get the sealed combustion gas as opposed to the standard gas water heater.

Considering some facts as highlighted above may offer insight when choosing the right type of heater for your home.

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