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Major Leaguer Michael Fulmer Talks About His Offseason as a Plumber

Recently the Tucson Plumbing professionals at Spartan Plumbing came across an update on the Major Leaguer turned plumber, Michael Fulmer.  Instead of kicking back and relaxing like one might suspect a Major League Baseball player to do in the offseason, Fulmer prefers working as a plumber.

“It’s a good way to take my mind off baseball” commented Fulmer on his offseason work as plumber and “I always tell my wife, if it breaks, I know how to replace it”.

Fulmer also likes the physicality of working as a plumber and claims that the work out from his work helps prepare him for his job on the mound as a pitcher for the Detroit Tigers.  Fulmer commented on the details of how the rigors of working as a plumber translate to preparing for the season; “I will do it a lot before I actually start baseball workouts again, we are on our feet for 8-9 hours a day for three days a week. Only time we sit down is either driving from house to house or going to get lunch. It’s good for a lot of squats and random (exercising).”.

As a professional plumber Fulmer has crawled around in attics laying pipe, fixed sinks and toilets, dug out trenches and more.  Fulmer doesn’t mind the work no matter how tough the job and is proud to say he doesn’t cherry pick jobs that might be easier than others.

Fulmer is a professional in every sense of the word whether he is on the mound as a pitcher or on the job as a plumber! If you are in need of a Tucson plumbing professional look no further than the experts at Spartan Plumbing!