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Maintain the Maintenance

When a Tucson person owns a home, one of the most important parts of that ownership is maintenance. While many aspects of it are relatively easy to learn, plumbing is an area that can be far more complicated. As a result, many people will tend to ignore their plumbing systems.


However, when they do, they often wind up with a variety of problems big and small. In most cases, the problems will require calling upon a plumber to repair. Most of the time, the problems result from various myths that people have about their home’s plumbing system. To see if you still have myths about your Tucson home’s plumbing, take a look at the ones discussed below.

Lemons are Good for the Garbage

While lemon rinds may make the garbage in a disposal smell better, they do little to actually get the disposal clean. That’s because the juice from the rinds is not strong enough to clean away bacteria and stubborn food particles on the blades.

To get the disposal as clean as possible, use a combination of warm water and soap. By spraying it into the disposal and waiting about 15 minutes, bacteria and food bits can be scraped off using a scrub brush.

No Soap for Fixtures

Another common plumbing myth is that hand soap makes a great cleaner for plumbing fixtures. However, it usually has the opposite effect. Instead of cleaning, the soap leaves the metal fixtures looking dirty and worn, especially those fixtures made of brass. To avoid this, use a household cleaner designed to clean brass and other metals.

Along with the fixtures, people often believe their pipes and drains need little if any maintenance. But just like anything else around the house, that’s not true. Pipes, drains, toilets, fixtures, and more should always be checked for leaks, cracks, or other damage. If anything is found, a plumber should be called to fix the problem.

Water Only Does So Much

For people who think running water down a drain will solve all plumbing problems, they’re in for an unpleasant surprise. No matter how much water goes down a drain, the grease or cooking oil poured down them will continue to form into numerous clogs.

And when it comes to garbage disposals, running water will do nothing to lessen the damage inflicted by such items as metal cans and banana peels on the disposal’s blades, gears, and motor.

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