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Lower Your Expenses With This Quick Tip

Most people will call their local plumbing professional when they have an emergency or need help remodeling the kitchen or bathroom. The thinking is by not calling the plumber until it is needed, that they are saving money each year. This could not be further from the truth. By calling a plumber to perform preventative plumbing maintenance, you could stand to save a significant amount of money this year and years to come.

The Kitchen Garbage Disposal

Homes with a garbage disposal in the kitchen are susceptible to problems throughout the year that can result in your pipes getting clogged or damaged. When the garbage disposal is not operating efficiently, the food particles are not being turned into liquid. Those chunks of food particles go down the drain in the sink, where they become trapped in the pipes far below. Each time the disposal is used, more particles cause the clog to thicken. Using toxic liquid drain cleaners not only breaks down the integrity of the pipes, it is dangerous for the family to breathe in. Your local plumbing professional can do a cleaning each season to ensure the lines are clear and the disposal is working properly.

Damage to the Bathroom Plumbing

When a toilet or shower gets clogged, many people will rush to rent a power snake to avoid the fees for a plumber to clear the lines. Most homeowners are not experienced with those power snakes, and inevitable it gets stuck or broken deep down in the pipes. Now you need to call a professional plumbing contractor to come out and address the original issues, as well as locate and remove a broken power snake. The homeowner must pay for the emergency call, the repair, and then to the rental company for the broken piece of equipment. All these excess fees could be avoiding when you hire your plumber to do preventative maintenance each year on all the plumbing.

The plumbing company will come out at a predetermined time each year, do a visual inspection of the pipes and then do a cleaning. The cleaning will ensure nothing gets trapped inside the pipes throughout the year. By allowing the water to flow freely out of the house, the plumbing can function as it should, and the likelihood of a emergency is greatly reduced. The cost for a commercial plumbing maintenance program is a fraction of what emergency repairs could wind up costing.

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