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Let the Sink Smell Fresh Again with a Garbage Disposal


Most people tend to throw food in the garbage which in result create more clutter. Is it really the best thing to do? Not really. Why? Leftover food can send foul odors into the air. It also tends to sit there and rot.

Why You Need a Garbage Disposal

This is bad on so many levels. Which is why you need to install a garbage disposal. Some of you might be wondering if this is really necessary. To answer your question, yes it is. I will explain why down below.

1) It’s very helpful to the environment for one. Did you know that between 20-30% of waste comes from leftover food? That food you throw in the trash won’t be able to be reused. A garbage disposal will turn the food into renewable energy. Some of it may end up being used as fertilizer. Either way, it’s being used in a proactive way and it’s better for the earth.

2) A disposal is better on your plumbing. Any sort of leftovers might cause clogging issues on your plumbing. This will result in a heavy cost down the road. Do yourself a favor and save yourself that money. Install a garbage disposal, and it will help you in the long term.

3) It reduces the amount of insects and pests you have. When you have pests coming into your home, it’s not very sanitary. You have to protect you and your home. Installing a garbage disposal will reduce the number of bags you use. It will cut down on the trips to the dumpster. It’s a win-win for everyone.

4) It’s estimated that leftovers bring about 31 million tons in emissions every year. That’s almost 13% here in the United States. Those emissions cause serious damage to the earth. These emissions are far more potent than nay carbon dioxide or monoxide out there.

5) When it comes household consumption, only about 1% of water is used. When it comes to electricity, only about 50 cents worth is used by a garbage disposal. This is going to seriously cut down on your energy bills.


6) Using a disposal also cuts down on the amount of trips workers make to the dumpster. It takes hundreds of workers to get rid of the waste we find everyday. If you install a garbage disposal, the workload is cut down by at least 30%.

The End Result

There is an old saying, “You take care of mother earth and she will take care of you.” These are very wise words to live by.

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