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Know When Your Garbage Disposal Is in Need of Repairs

When is it Time to Replace or Repair You Garbage Disposal

The kitchen in most homes today are filled with modern appliances that make food preparation convenient and clean. A fully functioning garbage disposal system makes sure that you get rid of all remnants of each meal. This way, your kitchen can remain clean all the time. But how can you achieve that if you have a malfunctioning garbage disposal equipment?

Having said that, here are some signs that will help you know that your garbage disposal system is in need of repairs:


Foul Smell Coming from Your Sink

If you notice a bad smell coming from the sink on a consistent basis, it may no longer be due to the dirty dishes – unless of course you allow your used dishes to pile up for a long time. Otherwise, it’s probably due to a garbage disposal problem.

Food waste may be getting trapped in the system’s disposal lines. This is sometimes difficult to address. Although flushing water into the lines may be helpful, it is not a permanent fix. To get rid of the problem once and for all, you’ll have to disassemble the equipment, remove the stuck food particles, and then put the unit back together. For a regular homeowner, this may be a difficult task. Thus, it is best to seek the help of pros like Spartan Plumbing.

Slow Draining Unit

If you have given the system enough time to run and get rid of the waste as usual, the drain line may be congested. Experts don’t recommend the use of chemical drain cleaners for your garbage disposal. For one, it will only cause damage to your equipment and you will be left with a sink filled with toxic chemicals. Instead, you can try using the time-tested vinegar and baking soda solution. If that doesn’t work, then you know it’s time to call in the experts for help.

Spartan Plumbing knows exactly how to remove the bolts, disassemble the drain trap, release the drain pipe, spot the clogs and obstructions, and clear the clog using the best and most advanced tools.

Recurrent Clogs

Modern garbage disposal systems are intended to work efficiently and smoothly. Thus, a clog can be quite frustrating, and it is a clear sign that your unit needs repairs. The extent of the necessary repairs depends on the frequency and severity of the clogging.

If clogs are only occasional, you may only need to disassemble the unit to remove the food waste. However, if you experience frequent clogging, you may need to replace your garbage disposal with a bigger unit. If your equipment is too small to handle heavy loads, this can put a stress on your unit, resulting in frequent clogs.

Constant Leaks in Your Garbage Disposal

A leak can produce disgusting and dirty puddles that can ruin your kitchen. Thus, you need to address the problem right away. Tightening the connection between your sink and appliance may solve some types of leaks. However, if the leak is serious, it may be costly to repair. Severe leaks may be beyond repair and may even require replacement.

Before buying a new unit, however, consult with Spartan Plumbing first to determine if you really need new equipment. In case you don’t need a replacement yet, they will recommend the proper solution to your problem.

Your garbage disposal system is designed to get rid of all types of messes in your kitchen but a broken garbage disposal will do the opposite. By being aware of the common garbage disposal issues, you will know when you can fix the problem on your own, and when you need to call the experts to do the job for you. Here are some additional tips to keep your disposal running efficiently.