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The Importance of Backflow Testing


Describe How Backflow Testing Could Save Your Family Member’s Lives

Drinking contaminated water may not be a concern when you fill your glass with water from your tap. This may be particularly true if your home’s drinking water is treated by your municipality and if you live in a developed area of the world.

You may simply assume that your municipality is providing you with fresh water that is safe and healthy to drink.

While this is a reasonable assumption, backflow issues can occur. These issues can lead to water contamination in any area. Backflow testing is a service provided by a plumber that could reduce the risk of contamination from backflow.

How Water Contamination Can Occur

Water contamination can develop even if the water that your city treats is safe to drink. This type of problem most often occurs when the drinking water provided by the city is contaminated by irrigation water or sewer waste water flowing backward into the home rather than away from the home.

The dirty water mixes in with the fresh water when water pressure changes in the pipes. A water pressure change that could result in water contamination can be caused by numerous things, and some of these include a pipe leak in your house or in a house close to yours, fire hydrant flushing or a a city main water line break.

How a Backflow Preventer Can Help

A backflow preventer is a unique feature in a home plumbing system that most people do not even know they have. This device is installed to monitor water pressure changes.

When a water pressure fluctuation is sensed, the device triggers a valve to close. This prevents the waste water or dirty irrigation water from flowing back into the home.


When the device is fully functional, it will work without the homeowner’s knowledge. This can minimize the chance that your family would become sick from drinking contaminated water in the home.

Schedule a Backflow Test

A backflow test is the most reliable method available for determining if the backflow preventer device works. A plumber can test it to ensure that it is in great working order, and repairs or a replacement can be made if the device is not working problem.

This simple test can prevent your family from developing an illness related to contaminated drinking water. You can request an appointment with a plumber today for backflow test today to learn more about the condition of your device.

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