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Keep the Water to a Low Flow, and Save Money


For many homeowners seeking to lower their monthly water bills, finding the right fixtures and equipment and handling installation can be more difficult without the help of a trained professional.

Our experienced technicians can provide a variety of services and solutions that will help you to create and enjoy a more energy-efficient household.

From assessing your current plumbing and appliances to providing professional installation of low-flow fixtures and energy-efficient appliances, dealing with the right service provider can be crucial for ensuring your efforts are met with greater success.

Finding the Best Fixtures and Equipment

Not all low-flow fixtures may be able to provide the level of performance and water reduction you may have been expecting and replacing older equipment that may not require an upgrade could be little more than a wasted expense.

A comprehensive professional inspection and assessment of your current plumbing system and household fixtures will provide you with the information and insight needed to make wiser and more effective choices.

Discussing equipment options with a qualified industry professional can ensure that you are able to invest in fixtures and equipment options able to provide a greater degree of efficiency.

Professional Installation for a More Convenient Upgrade

Even something as simple as installing a new shower head can a difficult undertaking for those who lack the tools, experience and resources needed to get the job done right.


Our staff can provide installation of a wide range of plumbing fixtures and equipment options, ensuring that upgrading your household can be done with greater ease and success.

The peace of mind that comes from having a professional handle the installation of your new equipment is not an asset that should go overlooked.

Assessing the Efficiency of Your Home Appliances and Fixtures

A comprehensive inspection can often turn up many opportunities to curb water usage that would have otherwise escaped your notice.

When it comes to lowering your utility bills and creating the most comfortable and efficient household possible, it pays to do business with the best.

Arranging for an inspection and assessment of your current equipment can be an important step towards reducing water usage and ensuring that your monthly bills are not creating undue stress on your household budget and finances.

Don’t delay. Give Spartan Plumbing a call at 520-617-1000 to save money and lower the carbon footprint of your Tucson home without changing your busy lifestyle.