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Is It Time to Replace Your Home's Plumbing?

Without a smoothly functioning plumbing system, your home will never be able to provide you comfort. Mostly hidden from view, you probably don’t notice it much unless you encounter leaks or a clogged drain.

Thousands of dollars are spent to install plumbing in a new house, and it costs just as much to repipe an old one. We recommend Perma-Liner for new piping installations in most cases. For some repairs, you will have to shell out a few hundred dollars. But know that there will come a time when you may need to replace your home’s plumbing system.



Nothing Lasts Forever

The type of material making up the pipes used in your home’s plumbing will give you an idea when it’s almost time to replace your system. Galvanized steel and brass have life expectancies of 50 years or less, while copper, cast iron and PVC pipes can last much longer.

You may be impressed by those numbers. But, just because they can doesn’t mean they will. A lot of other things can affect the lifespan of pipes such as quality of water, insulation, and use of chemical drain cleaners. Whether the pipes are used for supply or drainage will also influence their life expectancy.

Knowing that the age of your pipes isn’t the only factor to consider whether you should repair or not, how do you decide? Should you replace your home’s plumbing?

It’s Time for a Replacement When…

The water coming out of the faucet is any color but clear. Unless you have a well system, water should be clear. If it shows any tinge of brown and is dirty, it is a sure sign that your pipes are decaying.


Clogged Drain Pipe

In addition to the fact that dirty water isn’t good for you, corroded particles carried by the water could also be deposited within other sections of the pipe. Clogs can develop and soon, you may have to deal with a burst pipe.

A plumber coming into your house becomes too common. Needing a plumber every once in a while for repair is okay. Having your plumbing system inspected by professionals once a year is a good practice. But, if you find yourself regularly calling a plumber for help, it may be best in the long run for you and your pocket to replace your plumbing.

Mold and other signs of water damage appear. Pipe and fixture leaks are unavoidable but as long as they’re detected and fixed promptly, there’s no need for you to worry.

However, most of the pipes are hidden behind walls. If you find any sign of mold growth anywhere near the plumbing, you can be certain the pipes have been leaking for some time. Wet parts of the wall or ceiling and water-stained or warped flooring also indicate that your system needs some pipe replacement.

An unpleasant smell lingers in your bathroom. Sewage smells may be caused by clogged drains or pipes. Rotten smells may be due to build-up of bacteria somewhere in your system. The smell of urine could suggest a leak at the back of your toilet.

Sometimes, you can get rid of these unpleasant smells on your own, but more often than not, they’re associated with more serious problems. Thus, you may have to replace part of your plumbing system.

You are renovating your basement, bathroom, or kitchen. It’s a good idea to replace plumbing when you’re doing some home renovation. You may think it’s an unnecessary expense, but it can actually save you money by doing two things at once.

To keep the cost down, you may opt to replace only the exposed pipes as long as no other sign of leakage is observed.

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