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Inspect Your New Homes Plumbing Today!

Plumber10An appraiser ought to have examined the plumbing of a home before purchase. If this was not the case or if the initial assessment is not trusted to be accurate, then having an expert analyze the pipes is a critical investment.

The benefits include an idea of a house’s potential lifespan as well as avoiding leaks and structural damage. A home is as good as its pipes; fresh water feeds many daily activities, while clear drains can be trusted not to clog for a while.

Understanding the Cost of Plumbing Up Front

The good news is that drains can be repaired cheap. Acid and rotor tools can clear away blockage, while cracked drains can be lined with a smooth plastic that actually improves flow.

Fresh water pipes are expensive to repair, which is the bad news. Pressurized water has the tendency to leak, which means maintenance is more critical. Fresh water pipes cannot be repaired by amateurs.

Corrosion and shifting ground can weaken pipes. Leaks can remove sediment from below a house, creating sinkholes and instability. Leaks below ground are difficult to detect, but a professional can fix this problem before it becomes much worse.

Protecting Yourself Before Making a Purchase

Potential home buyers are within their right to hire a plumber of their choice to inspect a house before buying. Even newer homes should be suspect.

Plumbers can identify a fixer-upper, and the value of this service far exceeds the assessment cost. Plumbers can find leaks simply by noting a drop in water pressure. They can tell the condition of pipes without taking them apart.

What it means is assessing the cost of a major fix as well as spotting any water damage. Liabilities should be born by the current owners. If issues are discovered, then the asking price ought to be negotiated downwards. Otherwise, it is best to keep shopping.

Rotting and Other Nuisances


A plumber can spot related problems, such as warped drywall and floor boards that are rotting due to moisture from dripping pipes. Plumbers will climb underneath a house and see both the pipes and any damage they might be causing.

Most homes require some work due to neglect, and fixes made right now can save big money compared to waiting.

It is best to have a home inspected every year even after purchase. Clogging is a form of normal wear, and regular maintenance is needed.

By getting these plumbing inspections in your Tucson home, will save you time and money. Call Spartan Plumbing today at 520-617-1000, and see what plumbing inspections you need today!