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Important Leak Precautions to Take


Our plumbing company is often called out to repair problems with water leaking within a number of homes and buildings throughout the year. Leaks can be caused by many general problems, either a pipe is struck during home renovations or general wear and tear degrades the pipes until they spring a leak. No matter why a leak occurs, the best option for any homeowner is to call out our plumbing company and have the leak repaired quickly and efficiently.

What to Do When You Find a Leak?

Leaks can often go unnoticed when they are small for a long period of time, however, once a leak is discovered because of a damp patch on a ceiling or wall or water puddling on a floor, a few steps should quickly be taken.

Firstly, it is important to stop the water that is leaking as quickly as possible, many pipes are fitted with valves to stop the water close to where a leak is spotted. If no stopcock is visible, the water supply to the home can often be turned off, if in doubt it is best to call out our plumbing service and we will turn off the water supply for you.

Once the water is turned off, the best option to make sure of a professional and efficient repair is to call out our team of professional plumbers. Over the course of a year, we are often called out to complete plumbing tasks started by a homeowner to repair a leak, the cheapest and safest option is to call out a plumbing professional to take care of the problem and restore the water supply as quickly as possible.

Problems Caused By a Leak


A small leak may not immediately seem like a major problem for a homeowner when it is first spotted. However, we are often called out to repair a leak when it begins to cause problems with damp sheet rock or buckling ceiling within a home.

Damp areas on the walls and ceiling can cause problems with mold spores hidden behind walls and causing major heath issues for the residents of a property. The property itself can also be put at risk by even the smallest leak that is left without repair, we often see structural damage caused to a property when a leak is not repaired correctly by a professional plumber that is difficult to fix and extremely expensive.

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