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How to Unclog a Toilet

Most homeowners would agree that cleaning the toilet is the most disliked task around the household. Next to that would probably be unclogging a blocked toilet.

Many factors can lead to a clogged toilet. But, whatever the reason, it can be quite irritating when you see a lot of water coming out of the bowl, or when there isn’t any water coming out! What is worse is when you see excess water spilling out of the bowl and onto your bathroom floor.

When faced with the problem of a clogged toilet, the first thing that comes to people’s minds is to reach for a plunger and unclog the toilet on their own. This fix may work in many cases, especially when the clog is only minor, like clogs involving some toilet paper that failed to get into the sewage system. But, there are some instances when the problem is worse than anything a plunger can fix. For these problems, you may need to hire the services of experts like Spartan Plumbing.


Things That Can Lead to Toilet Clogs

As mentioned, different things can cause a toilet clog. These include anything other than human waste and toilet paper, such as the following:

  • Soft toys
  • Rubber or plastic
  • Chunks of food waste
  • Feminine napkins and other hygiene products
  • Diapers

These things belong in garbage bins, and they are not intended for your toilet. Refraining from flushing these things down your toilet can help prevent clogging. In addition, there are other things you should and should not do when trying to avoid a clogged toilet or when you are fixing one.


What You Should Do to Unclog a Toilet

Following are some things to keep in mind when trying to fix your clogged toilet on your own:

  • Only use the proper tools. This means using only tools and equipment intended to unclog toilets, the most common of which is the plunger. For clogs that are located deeper down the waste pipe, you can use other DIY tools like a snake that can help you reach deeper clogs safely.
  • Always maintain your composure. It is easy to lose your cool when things get frustrating. But, you need to keep your temper in check at all times. This is the only way you can think clearly. You may only cause more damage to your toilet when you work on it while you’re angry.


What You Shouldn’t Do When Unclogging a Toilet

Refrain from doing the following when trying to fix a toilet clog. Doing these may only make your problem worse.

  • Using regular household items. Never try to reach the blockage and unclog your toilet using regular household items like clothes hangers. For one, it can result in scratching your bowl. It can also cause stains and some minerals getting to the surface. Worse, it can bring significant damage to your toilet bowl.
  • Continuously flushing in hopes of removing the clog. Doing this will not only waste a lot of water and raise your utility bills, but you can also cause flooding in the bathroom. Instead of fixing what could be a simple clog in the first place, you may only worsen the situation. The best thing to do when this happens is to call Spartan Plumbing and let the experts handle the job for you.
  • Removing the toilet. If there is one thing you do not want to do when fixing a clogged toilet, this is it. After trying everything to no avail, your next step should be to call a professional for help. Removing your toilet will not help.


Final Word

A lot of toilet clogs are simple and easy to deal with. But, you need to follow some basic rules as covered in this post. For plumbing issues that are beyond DIY repairs, call Spartan Plumbing.