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How To Stop The Water Bang Noise In Your Plumbing

A common problem amongst home owners and residents is a banging sound that can occur in the homes plumbing. This water bang issue is often referred to as water hammer and is caused by a shock in pressure when you turn off the water facet, stop the dishwasher or washing machine, or flush the toilet.  Water hammer or water bang issues is known to have affected the plumbing across the Nation, Chandler Plumbing included.

Often times residents complain that the banging sound is worse when water from the facet is shut turned off abruptly.

If the plumbing at your home exhibits sounds of water bang, the pressure at your home is likely unusually high which makes the noise more pronounced.  This occurs because higher water pressure creates a stronger shock inside the pipes when flow is suddenly stopped.

The desired water pressure for a residence is around 60 psi and is your water pressure exceeds that there is a higher chance of water bang occurring.

I you are in the middle of re-piping or building a new home it might be best to consider installing pipes that are ¾ inch as opposed to ½ inch. A larger diameter pipe will have slower water velocity and thus less risk of water bang.

A quick solution to those of you with high pressure water is to install a pressure reducing valve at your home’s water main.

Furthermore, one mainstay amongst modern plumbing is the water expansion tank which is about the size of a football that is half full of air and helps avoid water shock.

The above information should hopefully guide those in need of help with water shock however if you need the assistance of a professional make sure to contact a trusted local plumber in your area. If located in Chandler or Tucson Arizona contact the piping and plumbing experts at Spartan Plumbing Inc!