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How To Save Water At Home

Despite the 2016 Monsoon season being one of the wettest Southern Arizona has seen in the last five years experts say that Tucson is not yet in the clear when it comes to its drought. According to the National Weather Service the drought improved in places like the northwest and southeastern region but that places like Tucson, western Pima County, and Yuma got less rain than normal and are still facing a drought.It is always important to preserve water as much as possible but during a drought water conservation is a top priority especially among those residents in the southwestern region of the United States. It’s always smart to have a Tucson Plumbing company complete an inspection, if you suspect a leak in or around your home.

Top help make sure you doing your part to help conserve water in the desert always make sure all your sinks, faucets, shower heads, and hoses are in proper working order.  Even the slightest leak can accumulate large amounts of wasted water over time.


Also updating your home toilets to the modern standard of those which are low flow can make a big difference when it comes to water conservation in the desert.

Never leave the faucet running when you are brushing your teeth or cleaning your dishes as well, only use what water is necessary to properly get the job done.

Avoiding water waste starts at single households and single residents so it is important to always be aware of how much water you are using and whether or not that amount is absolutely necessary.

To find out additional information on water conservation at your and the latest water conservation plumbing devices make sure to contact a plumbing expert in your area, if located in Tucson contact the experts at Spartan Tucson Plumbing!