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Steps to Determining the Right Sized AC System for Your Home

Whether spending the evening in the air conditioning after work is one of your favorite summer activities or you simply like to turn on the unit when the temperatures are really soaring, you need the right air conditioner for your home. Part of purchasing a unit involves selecting one that is the appropriate size.


Evaluate Square Footage

When buying an air conditioning unit for your home, you typically need to consider the square footage that you want the device to cover. In other words, you may be on the search for a window unit for the bedroom or a wall unit that will cool down the kitchen, living room, and dining room.

In order to select the proper size unit, you need to know how large these spaces are. Typically, when you purchase an air conditioner, the details will include how many square feet the unit can cool down.

Don’t Buy Too Much or Too Little

Once you have the square footage calculated, temptations to avoid buying the right size can sneak in. For example, you might think that a unit designed for more square footage will do a better job of cooling the space.

However, buying too powerful of a unit could mean that you and your family members are far too cold. On the other hand, you might want to save some money by purchasing a unit that covers a lower square footage.

This decision could mean that the living space is not properly cooled during the hot summer.

Measure the Window or Wall

Ensuring that the unit is in an accessible space for you to reach and for Spartan Plumbing to access in the event that you need AC repair is crucial.

Select a window that is easily accessible. You may also decide that you want a wall unit. Regardless of where the unit will go, you must ensure that space and the air conditioner are the right fit for one another.

Failure to do so could mean that the unit has to be returned because it is too large or because dangerous gaps exist because the air conditioner is too small.

Consider the Entranceway

Most air conditioners that go into the window or wall are small enough to fit inside a standard door.

Which is good, because the delivery team will need to be able to get it into your home. In the event that your home has particularly narrow entranceways or if the air conditioner unit is extremely large, you should certainly measure the door.

You don’t want to discover on delivery day that the brand new air conditioner is too large to fit into the home.

Calculate the Costs

The price is also typically a factor when shoppers are looking for new air conditioning units.

In addition to the actual cost of the unit that you’re purchasing, think about how energy-efficient the air conditioner is. Also, take into account the costs that may come with air conditioner repair in the future.

Looking at the full picture in terms of price can help you make the right decision. When costs are a concern, consider purchasing a unit during the off-season or during a sale.

Buying an air conditioner in the early winter months might leave you with a lower price tag than if you go shopping just as temperatures are starting to rise in the spring.

Selecting an appropriate air conditioner for your home involves evaluating a few different elements. In addition to ensuring that you can properly afford the air conditioner, you also want to make certain that the unit will keep your home nice and cool on those hot days.