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How To Avoid Frozen Pipes During The Winter Season

According to Tubac plumbing experts as the temperatures around the nation continue to decrease with the winter season, the higher the chance your homes pipes can freeze and potentially burst!

When water freezes it turns into ice and can expand inside your plumbing to the point where it can break a pipe.  The split in the burst pipe will then eventually thaw out and spray water potentially causing serious damage to a home.

The most vulnerable areas in a home’s plumbing are walls with external pipes and crawl spaces.  Essentially any pipe in a home that does not receive much heating ventilation is prone to freezing.

In order to help best prevent frozen pipes Tubac plumbing experts recommend that you leave as many doors and breezeways as clear as possible inside your home so that heat can circulate properly.  Also if you know that it is going to be an especially cold day it is best to leave a slow drip on your faucet to best prevent any freezing.

If you are going on a vacation during the winter months it is most recommended to make sure all the windows are closed and that your thermostat is turned on at 50 degrees or higher for the duration of your trip.

In the unfortunate case that your pipes do freeze make sure to go straight to your home’s main water shutoff and turn off the water flow.  After your water has been shut off contact a trusted local plumber to help locate and repair the burst pipe.  If located in the Tucson or Tubac areas contact the plumbing experts at Spartan Plumbing Inc!