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Holiday Plumbing Troubles Areas to Avoid

Mesa plumbing experts advise the holiday cooks to be careful not to clog the pipes after cooking for their families all day.

Typically the day after Thanksgiving is a busy time for plumbers servicing the kitchen sinks filled with turkey grease and stuffing.  Many find that all the preparation and cooking of the big holiday meal makes for mayhem in the kitchen and can overload the pipes.

Often times plumbing technicians will be called out to homes after holiday cooking days because of backed up garbage disposals or clogged pipes with fats and oils.

Although cooking the holiday feast might be hectic and overwhelming for some Mesa plumbing experts would like to remind holiday chefs that it is never a good idea to pour fat, grease, or oil down the drain even if it does save time.  The best course of action is to pour the grease or fat into an old jar or can and then to throw it away after.

Many plumbers find that after the holidays they will be asked to clear out garbage disposals and pipes filled with turkeys and other dinners as well.  Although many modern garbage disposals can handle a pretty heavy load of food it is never a good idea to shove the turkey carcass down the drain. This can turn into a clogged drain emergency that you need handled right away.

To keep your pipes flowing this holiday season make sure to follow the tips provided above and to contact a trusted local plumber if a clog or other issue does arise. If located in the Mesa or Tucson areas contact the plumbing expert at Spartan Plumbing incorporated!