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Are Wet Wipes Hazardous To Home Plumbing and Sewers?

A recent trend of using wet wipes in the bathroom has caught the attention of marketers, consumers, and sewerage authorities.  Tucson and Oro Valley Plumbing experts are also interested in how hazardous wet wipes are to home plumbing and sewers.

Since the mid-2000’s the personal wet wipe industry has astonishingly grown to billion dollar heights.  In 2015 wet wipe sales reached an estimated $2.2 billion.  Much of the increase sales is due to cunning marketing tactics by such companies as Proctor & Gamble and others who started repackaging traditional baby wipes as luxurious adult toilet paper.

Now there are more companies than ever before in the personal wet wipe industry that are all fighting for that piece of the multi-billion-dollar market share.  A rising star in the marketplace is cleverly the marketed “Dude Wipes” that target the male consumer.  The Dude Wipe product even appeared on the popular television show “Shark Tank” and the company even penned a deal with billionaire Mark Cuban.

However not everyone is jumpinhttps://www.spartantucson.comg right onto the “flushable” wet wipe bandwagon as some experts protest as to just how “flushable” the wipes are.  Many sewerage authorities claim that wet wipes don’t break apart like traditional toilet paper and as a result are destroying municipal sewer systems.

The wipes cluster with congealed food fat that forms blockages in sewers, one 10-ton lump was removed from the London sewage system at a cost of £400,000.  There has also been costly blockages reported in San Francisco, Miami, New York, and many other cities.

Reports from public-works employee Dave Torma in Wyoming state that “the problem picked up in the early 2000s and has gotten worse over the years. After wet wipes are flushed, they exit a house through a lateral pipe that connects to a public sewer system, where sewage pumps ensure that the wastewater flows in the correct direction. But unlike toilet paper, wet wipes fail to disintegrate. They clog the pumps, causing them to break down and redirect stagnant wastewater back toward houses. Sewer systems must be shut down so that the wipes can be manually removed.”

Although regulations in the personal wet wipe marketplace are being reassessed it is ultimately up to the residents and guests what they flush.  That being said one should be cautious of what products they flush down their toilets.

If you ever find that your toilet is backed up for whatever reason you should contact a local plumbing expert to eradicate the issue.  If you are in need of Oro Valley Plumbing contact the plumbing experts Spartan Plumbing.