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Have a Sewer Line Problem or Issues? Our Experts Can Help

When you need to hire a plumber for sewer line problems, make sure you call a company that has proven themselves able to provide excellent customer service. Make sure also, that they have experienced staff who will have your plumbing issues fixed and get your life back to normal again – FAST.


Signs You Need Sewer Line Repair

Check for the following: 

Inconsistent Toilet Bowl Water Level:

The toilet bowl is full of water one day; the next day, there is barely any water there. This is evidence that something might be blocking wastewater flow from your house to the city’s sanitary sewer and could lead to a backup, so you should act immediately.

Presence of Pests:

Rats and insects thrive in subterranean passages for two reasons: shelter and food. If these animals have the faintest smell of rotting food items, they will never stop coming – until you get the sewer problem fixed.

Soggy Yard:

Water pooling in your backyard tells you to check your sewer line. Tell the plumber the different locations where you saw puddles along the sewer line.

Slow Drains:

The buildup that naturally happens over time reduces the size of the drain, effectively impeding the progress of draining water.  Pouring table salt, baking soda, and vinegar down the drain would be the first step to unclog it, but if these remedies don’t work the next step is to inspect the sewer line and get your drains cleaned.

How They Will Check the Exact Problem?

Two common methods for inspection are: 

Video Pipe Inspection:

This entails pushing a miniature camera through the sewer system. As the camera travels through the pipes, the footage is displayed on a monitor. The inspection is recorded in digital format.

This method is non-destructive, as the plumber need not resort to excavation to find the issue. The information gathered will be used to identify the best approach for repair and minimize required exaction should the plumber tell you there is a need to pull out a pipe.

Electronic Pipe Locating:

Using a pipe locator, the plumber can locate underground objects by scanning the area of interest. The radio waves from the device can penetrate the surface as deep as 50 inches, depending on the ground’s composition. The device will indicate if the pipe has been found by activating an audio signal.

What are the advantages of these approaches? Simply put, knowing what the issues are – before the actual repair – will save you time and money, and eliminate the guesswork that goes with the trial-and-error approach.

How to Choose a Plumbing Service

First, check with your friends if they know an excellent plumber close by. It would be someone they highly recommend.

Also, check the internet for services that are near your location – say, within 10 miles. You don’t need one that is located far away.

After this, you want to check their rating. Don’t settle for something less than 4.5. If they are really good, you will find many favourable reviews about them. This may override their distance if they cover your area, or a referral from a friend if no one you know nearby has had major issues with their plumbing.

Is the plumber licensed and insured? If they are licensed, ask how long their license has been active. Has their license been suspended? To check this, go to the State Contractors Board. Check also with the BBB for customer complaints.

You should aim to get at least three estimates for big jobs and compare them side by side. This is not to say you should settle with the cheapest. Rather, it’s a way to see who will do the job for a fair price.

Spartan Plumbing, Inc.

One good choice for a plumber located in Tucson, AZ is Spartan Plumbing. We are plumbers who care about our craft and will give the effort required to solve your problem. With our professionals, you can be certain we will not leave until the problem is completely fixed, leaving you with nothing to worry about.