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Foods To Avoid Putting Down The Garbage Disposal

Innovations such as the garbage disposal has certainly made kitchen cleanup for homeowners much simpler since being introduced onto the market. However many are still in the dark about how best to care for their disposal.  Luckily Sahuarita plumbing experts have advice on what foods to avoid putting down the garbage disposal.

Often times we as homeowners expect to shove all the leftovers, no matter what it is, down the disposal cross our fingers and flick the switch and hope for the best.  The truth is however that some foods you might be putting down your disposal are harmful for mechanism.

If your disposal is continually being used improperly the blades can break or the motor can burn out. Therefore it is imperative to avoid putting the following items down your garbage disposal.

Dangerous foods to put in the disposal include certain stringy vegetables such as celery, artichokes, asparagus, lettuce, corn husks, carrots, onion skins, and potato peels.  These vegetables have fibrous peelings that can wrap around the blades and stop them from turning.

As with any drainage system you should never put any grease or oil down the disposal because once that grease hardens it can create a slick film over the disposal blades as well as clog the drain.

Other food items that can be dangerous for garbage disposals are egg shells, pasta, rice, potatoes, and beans.  When egg shells are put though a garbage disposal the shells turn into a sand like substance that can clog the pipes.  Foods like pasta, rice, potatoes, and beans will often times swell inside the mechanism potentially leading to harm.

If you are having issues with your homes garbage disposal make sure to contact a trusted local plumber to help eradicate the issue. If located in … contact the garbage disposal and plumbing experts at Spartan Plumbing Incorporated!