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Find Ways to Find Those Hidden Water Leaks

For almost every homeowner, at some point they will have a water leak in their Tucson home. While some people may experience small leaks from faucets or shower heads, others may face large leaks coming from main water lines.


Whatever the case may be, water leaks are problems that need to be fixed promptly to avoid wasting any more water.

In most cases a plumber should be contacted to assess the problem and make the necessary repairs, since many water leaks can be complex and require expert knowledge in making repairs.

When a leak is suspected, there are several ways to detect the source and the cause.

Water Meter Readings

If the water bill is much higher than normal, the first place to start is the water meter. The current reading should be noted, which should be followed by turning it off for about 30 minutes.

After that time, it should be turned back on and read again. If it has jumped despite being turned off, a water leak is present and it’s time to contact a plumber to find the leak and fix it quickly.

Cooling System Leaks

Many people who have HVAC systems for their heating and cooling needs often fail to think a water leak may be coming from this. However, it can be fairly common for these systems to develop leaks as they age. In most cases, the leak results from the refill valve breaking and allowing water to leak from the unit.

If water is found around the home’s furnace or dripping from ductwork, the unit’s humidifier is probably leaking. A plumber should be called to assess the leak and determine if repairs can be made or a new cooling system needs to be installed. If that is the case, expect to pay thousands of dollars.

Shower and Tub Leaks

Bathrooms are some of the most common places in a home for water leaks, and in many cases the leaks come from the shower and bathtub.

Leaks in your Tucson home can be determined in these cases by examining the shower head and tub fixtures after they have been used to see if they continue to drip.

If they are dripping continuously, they need to be examined by a plumber and repaired. Otherwise, the continual dripping may lead to as much as 1,000 gallons of water being wasted during the year, which will continue to produce higher water bills.

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