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Fake AC Contractor Robs People In CA

In Mission Veijo California a man pretending to be an air conditioning worker for the city has robbed over 10 properties in Laguna Woods Village. The Orange County Sherriff Department who is in charge of the investigation is now looking to find out if there were any additional victims affect by this criminal.

Thank goodness for the community of Mission Veijo California police arrested a suspect on April 29th in Laguna Woods Village. Police responded to the area after numerous residents noticed a man trying to gain access to their homes. The residents told the deputies once they arrived and had apprehended the man that he had identified himself as a city employee tasked with cleaning air conditioning equipment.

The suspect had already robbed numerous other elderly residents in the area. He would knock on their doors and tell the elderly residents he needed to inspect or clean the air conditioning vents. Once he had gained access he would steal valuable items like jewelry or checks. The Orange County Police Department was able to track some of the stolen items to a local pawn shop were they found out the name of the suspect.

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