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Sump Pumps - What & Why

The Sierra Vista plumbing experts at Spartan Plumbing Incorporated decided to share the following information regarding sump pumps in order to better educate our loyal customers on exactly what a sump pump is and what it does!

Generally speaking, a sump pump is a pump that is used to remove water that accumulates in a water-collecting basin. In residential and commercial plumbing sump pumps are pumps that are typically installed in the basement of a home or office and are used to prevent flooding.

Not all homes have sump pumps as not every home has a basement or crawlspace under flooring that could act as a water-collecting basin.  For those homes or buildings that do have a basement or space under flooring the threat of flooding and resulting damage makes sump pump installation a necessity.

When flooding does occur a sump pump will pump water away from the building through a pipeline to any place where the water is no longer problematic.  Most modern sump pumps will discharge the collected water in municipal storm drains or dry wells.  Older installations may have pumped flood water into the sanitary sewer; however this practice in many counties may be in violation of plumbing or municipal bylaws. Modern installations are not routed to sanitary sewers because of the possibility of overwhelming the sewage treatment system causing overflow.

Often times homeowners have inherited their sump pump's configuration from previous homeowners and may be unaware of whether their configuration is in compliance with plumbing codes. Sometimes fines may even be imposed for noncompliance.

To ensure that your home's sump pump is working properly it is recommended that you regularly run and test your pump and have it maintained by a professional plumber.  Also if you are concerned that your sump pump may not be in compliance with modern plumbing codes make sure to contact a professional plumber to have your pump inspected.

To have a Sierra Vista plumbing expert or Tucson area plumbing professional maintain your sump pump contact the professionals at Spartan Plumbing Incorporated today!