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Even More Important Garbage Disposal Usage Tips

Although there really is not much that modern garbage disposals cannot handle in this day and age, for best use and to limit the amount of time needed for maintenance, Oro Valley plumbing experts Spartan Plumbing incorporated suggests limiting what you put down you home garbage disposal in a few key areas.

The most important thing to never put down any drain is grease or oil because as the grease cools it solidifies and can clog up drains or garbage disposal mechanisms.

Vegetable peels such as celery, asparagus, artichokes, chard, kale, lettuce, potato peelings and onion skins can all easily get jammed in a garbage disposal and are not recommended for use.

Also egg shells can potentially be harmful for the blades of a garbage disposal and are not recommended to be disposed of down mechanism.  Along the same lines of avoiding shells, it is important to never attempt to grind down any bones in your garbage disposal due to potentially harm to the blades among other elements of the mechanism.

To best use your disposal always try to put small batches of items down the garbage disposal and avoid bulking up the system if at all possible.

For more information on how to best operate and maintain your garbage disposal make sure to contact a local plumbing technician for advice, installation, and maintenance.  If located in Oro Valley Southwestern Arizona contact the Oro Valley plumbing and Tucson garbage disposal repair and installation experts at Spartan Plumbing Incorporated.