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5 Easy Plumbing Tips

At Spartan, we are all about saving you money and making sure your plumbing is working at peak performance. That is why we have complied a list of 5 Easy Plumbing Tips that a person, or business can use to save them money on plumbing costs in the future or now. Follow these tips to help protect your properties plumbing!

  1. New Year Inspection – Its often a good idea to have a professional plumber come check your properties plumbing each year so no unforeseen accidents happen!
  2. The Garbage Disposal Is Not A Trash – Make sure that you’re a limiting what is going down your drain as theses can cause very expensive plumbing problems down the road!
  3. Never Put Grease Down Drain – Bacon fat or grease should never go down your drain it will cause very bad clogs to happen down the road.
  4. Run Cold Water Down Your Drain – Run plenty of cold water while you’re grinding your food down the garbage disposal, and run it for 30-60 seconds after the disposal is off. Cold, running water pushes waste down the drain easier. Also, avoid using hot water to melt grease because it will solidify and clog the drain.
  5. Toilets Can Clog Easily – Make sure again you don’t use your toilet like a trash can they are easily to clog and can be expensive to fix! Don’t hesitate to call us at Spartan Plumbing if you have any questions or concerns about your plumbing!

Don’t hesitate to contact Spartan today If you or someone you know is dealing with plumbing problems in the greater Tucson area. Let one of our dedicated team members come out to your residence and handle all your problems for you! At Spartan Plumbing we are dedicated to serving you with the highest quality service . Contact us at Spartan today and stop worrying about those plumbing problems now!


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