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5 Easy Plumbing Tips For Clogs and Checkup

At Spartan, we are all about saving you money and making sure your plumbing, heating, & cooling units are all working for you the best they can. That is why we have complied a list of 5 Easy Plumbing Tips that a person, or business can use to save money. Follow these 5 tips to help protect your properties plumbing from having to deal with emergency problems down the road.

  1. Keep an Eye Out – Make sure you regularly check areas where leaks can happen such as under the sink. You want to make sure your always checking these areas in case you do get a leak you can get it fixed fast before other problems arise.
  2. Always Repair – If your wondering if you should have your plumbing repaired remember its almost always the case that its less expensive to repair now then in an emergency situation. So, be prepared and get things repaired when they need it don’t wait!
  3. Stop Clogs Before They Start – Make sure you are using a drain catch or something that can stop unwanted objects from going down the drain. Clogs are one of the worst things that can happen to plumbing and can be avoided by being careful what goes down the drain on your property.
  4. Known Your Home – Understand your home where its plumbing is and how it works. This can be very valuable information if you ever run into an emergency with your plumbing.
  5. Annual Check Ups – The best way to maintain your home is develop a relationship with a trusted company like Spartan, and have them come out each year and make sure your plumbing and AC units are running at peak performance. This will not only increase the lifetime of your homes fixtures it will make your home be more efficient year-round.

Don’t hesitate to contact Spartan today. If you or someone you know is dealing with plumbing problems in the greater Tucson area. Let one of our dedicated team members come out to your residence and handle all your problems for you! At Spartan Plumbing we are dedicated to serving you with the highest quality workmanship. We always provide our plumbing work at the highest level of standards possible.



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