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Dormitory Laundry Room Floods Multiple Times Causes Uproar

Recently the Vail plumbing experts at Spartan Plumbing Incorporated confirmed that a plumbing incident in an English dormitory had caused a laundry room to flood not just once but three times!

Student and resident Hannah Johnson was just one of the many residents to discover flooding in the laundry room and speak out in disapproval. Johnson casually made her way downstairs towards the laundry room only to find a major flood. According to Johnson the laundry room had standing water up to an inch high.

The dormitory maintenance team was then notified and a housekeeper was sent in to clean up and drain all the water from the laundry room. According to housekeeping this was already the third time that the laundry room had flooded that very day.

Luckily none of the incidents caused water to flow into the residence quarters however if the problem was not eradicated serious damage could occur.

According to officials speaking on behalf of the residence hall the flooding problem in the laundry room was pinpointed to a faulty water softener. Water softeners replace calcium and magnesium with sodium making it soft water. Soft water is better for washing clothes, hair, and skin and water softeners are a very common device in most all homes and residential buildings.

As this flooding story confirms it is vital to make sure all the plumbing and plumbing appliances in your home are functioning properly and safely. If flooding goes unnoticed for a sustained period of time entire residences and belongings can be damaged.

At the first sign of flooding, or if you are unsure about the efficiency of your current water softener make sure to contact a licensed and bonded commercial plumbing professional like Spartan Plumbing. If located in the southwest contact the Vail plumbing and Tucson plumbing experts at Spartan Plumbing Incorporated!