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Garbage Disposal Myths - What You Need to Know

Recently the sink and garbage disposal industry giant Moen weighed in on the facts and myths when it comes to caring for your home garbage disposals.  Additionally the Glendale Plumber company Spartan incorporated got on board with the analysis.

According to the experts at Moen over half of Americans have garbage disposals and most are confused when it comes to the do’s and don’ts of proper disposal use.


Garbage Disposal Myths

One major myth is that garbage disposals are bad for the environment and although they do use electricity and water in order to function properly they save food scraps from heading to the landfill which is important because food is the single largest material being disposed of each year.

Another myth is that putting ice down the garbage disposal will help sharpen the blades. This is untrue due to the fact that instead of blades disposals use small impellers that grate organic waste into small particles, similar to how a cheese grater works.

Another myth is that you should always use hot water when using your home disposal.  Oppositely disposals work best when using cold water because by using cold water you are keeping the food fats solid as they travel through the pipes; if you were to use hot water the fat could be melted and the risk of cooling and clogging somewhere down the pipeline can occur.

Another very common myth is that grinding lemons in your disposal will make it smell better.  Although lemons will alleviate stale food odors in the short term, with repeated use, the acidity of lemons can eventually damage the metal inside your disposal so grinding lemons is not recommended.

With garbage disposals in over half of American homes it is important to stay up to date with the facts and myths regarding their use.  If you ever need assistance with your garbage disposal make sure to contact a local plumbing expert in Tucson Arizona, contact Spartan Plumbing today!