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Clogged Sewer in Baltimore Causes Unexpected Backup | Tubac Plumber

Recently the Tubac plumber and sewer servicing experts at Spartan Plumbing Incorporated confirmed a story coming out of Baltimore in which an estimated 10,000 gallons of sewage entered into Gwynns Falls!

Apparently the sewage backup was caused by a clog in the sanitary sewage line.  Moreover the overflow was caused by a stoppage due to debris and rags as well as fat, oil, and grease in the sanitary sewage line.  The clog was so dense in fact that it successfully clogged the 10 inch sanitary sewer mainline near the area of Frederick Avenue and Tyrone Street.

An official report from the Baltimore City Department of Public Works stated that; “Grease balls form along the bottom and sides of sewer lines after cooking grease is dumped down drains instead of wiped into the trash or poured into receptacles to cool so it can be properly sent out with the household trash, various rags, and even wipes marketed as ‘flushable,’ also snag in sewer lines and also choke sewer lines.”

According to the Department of Public Works the sewage overflow has officially stopped and all necessary steps to prevent future stoppages are currently underway.

Tubac plumber and industry experts at Spartan Plumbing Incorporated are of the opinion that in order to prevent backups like this from occurring homeowners and residents must be extra cautious of what they flush down the toilet and pour down the drain. Even if a product says it is safe to flush down the toilet, such as personal hygiene wipes, they might potentially cause stoppages.

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