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Clogged Drain Horror Stories and How to Avoid Them

Most all homeowners have known the fear that comes along with a bowl of dirty water rising back to the surface just wondering and hoping that it will flow back down the drain. Instead of leaving your home drainage system up to fate why not be proactive about your home drain maintenance and learn from the mistakes of others while also taking the advice of trusted Glendale plumber; Spartan Plumbing.


One unbelievable plumbing horror story comes from Julie in Westchester New York who tried to flush a roast chicken carcass down the toilet. Julie explains “I caught my significant other trying to dispose of a roast chicken carcass using our toilet. He thought a toilet could act like a garbage disposal. Yes, we’re still together.”

Another incredible plumbing tale comes from Paul in Ohio who works in a large office where all types of strange objects have had to have been clean out by professional plumbers. Paul explains “we keep a running list of all the crazy things that we’ve found clogging up pipes. Among our most unbelievable include false teeth, an entire mophead, a snake (yes, an actual snake), the family goldfish, and a pair of men’s briefs. We once found an entire bedspread while doing a drain cleaning. We still don’t know how that was even possible.”

Besides doing the obvious things like avoiding stuffing chicken carcasses down the toilet or shoving unwanted items in your office drain, the best way to maintain the drains at your home is to be mindful of what you put down them and to have them regularly serviced by a local plumbing professional. If located the Glendale or Tucson areas contact the plumbing experts at Spartan Plumbing Incorporated!