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Kitchen Remodeling Ideas for Your Home

1. Cottage Kitchen

This kitchen design in your Tucson home, is purposely intended to let copious amounts of sunlight in the kitchen. The majority of kitchen’s surfaces are a bright, reflective white color. Learn more about Spartan Plumbing’s services here.

The most prominent features of this design are the large skylights, which allow plenty of sunshine in. To add some contrast, dark oak wooden floors are added with a polyurethane coating that reflects even more sunlight. Everything else, from the cabinets, counter tops and stove, are a bright white color, hence the name cottage.


2. Moroccan Bungalow Kitchen

A few re-modelers had turned a gloomy 1920 kitchen into a unique, well designed kitchen by simply adding color.

The cabinets were painted a pale pistachio green. A sparkling blue granite counter top was placed below, creating a nice contrast.

The backslash tile made the kitchen appear even more unique than it already was. The middle stand, or counter top, has a design the resembles cork. Overall, this kitchen design will give an island-type atmosphere.

3. Heath-Tiled Kitchen

In this design, the kitchen walls are speckled with yellow-green glossy tiles. The walls on the opposite side of the stove area are a gentle grey color that really compliments the tiled design.

The kitchen cabinets in your Tucson home, are not one’s average wooden cabinet, but a sliding glass door with a frosted finish. Above the stove area are lights that really illuminate everything at night. At a certain angle, the tiles appear to resemble bamboo sticks.

4. The Wooden “Unfinished” Kitchen

This design was originally called the “unfinished” kitchen. However, one cannot help but notice the dominant presence of wood. The kitchen floor, cabinets and cupboards are all made entirely of a dark, unfinished wood.

Unfinished wood is essentially wood that isn’t, and has never been, processed whatsoever, keeping it in the most natural state. Even the counter tops are made from recycled granite. Despite all the recycled and raw materials used, this kitchen design is absolutely amazing, to say the least.

5. Colors of the Sea Kitchen

At a glance, around 80 percent of the kitchen appears to be mostly white. What sticks out the most is the turquoise tile that sits right underneath the upper cabinets.

The stove, oven and refrigerator are a turquoise color as well. This design gives an overall beach-like atmosphere that really perks up one’s mood.

Your kitchen is a central part of your family life, so make it beautiful. Call Spartan Plumbing at 520-617-1000 to transform the look of your Tucson, AZ home with unique kitchen remodeling ideas.