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5 Causes of Low Water Pressure in Your Home

Water pressure problems in our homes can be of different types, and they are always very frustrating. It may be our faucets taking forever to fill the sink or the bathtub, our showerheads not giving us that strong spray we always want, or a washing machine taking much longer to run its cycle.


Water pressure issues that affect the whole house is something serious and will give you and your family more hassle if not taken care of. Here are 5 reasons why you might not be enjoying good water pressure in your home and who to contact to address such concerns.

1. Defective Fixtures

One of the most common causes of low water pressure is poorly installed or defective fixtures. Your showerhead or faucets at home could be very old and maybe clogged with dust, dirt, or other things. The poor flow of water also reduces water quality. You could opt to change these fixtures and see if your water pressure improves.

2. Clogged Water Pipe

A clogged, blocked, or constricted pipe somewhere within your plumbing system can also greatly affect the water pressure throughout your home. The worst part is, a clogged water pipe can also lead to leaks in various parts of your piping system and will likely require professional help to fix completely. There are many reasons a water pipe can be clogged – dirt, limestone, rust, even insects and small animals.

3. A Faulty Pressure Regulator

This is another cause of poor home water pressure. A pressure regulator controls the valves that reduce the input pressure within your plumbing system so that it stays at a safe level and doesn’t damage your pipes. Although not all homes have pressure regulators, those who have one in their lines need to have it checked.

4. Water Meter and Shut Off Valves not Fully Open

Another thing to check if your water pressure is low is your water meter and shut off valves. Water meter valves open or cut off the water supply from most areas of your home, while a shut-off valve is your water supply’s ‘main switch’. Check these valves to ensure they are open and, if your water flow is still slow, you should consider getting professional help before things get worse.

5. Corroded Plumbing

Having a corroded plumbing system is the most serious and costly reason for low water pressure. This happens when aged galvanized-steel water pipes begin to corrode, greatly restricting water flow. This type of pipe corrodes on the inside, where you cannot see. However, in the long run, the build-up of scale and corrosion gradually closes the pipe completely.

This issue develops over a long period of time, even decades. You usually don’t even notice the reduction of water flow because it happens so gradually. And, if you happen to move into an older house, this problem could already exist and may seem to show up out of nowhere.

Having good water pressure is very important to most people and will affect the quality of water you deal with every day in your home. Spartan Plumbing has helped Tucson residents in Arizona with various water pressure problems and other plumbing-related issues. We offer professional services that can help you address your water pressure concerns, and we can provide fast solutions for you.