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Care Tips For Your Disposal To Keep It Running Properly

A garbage disposal can make your life much easier, though you do need to take good care of it in order for it to work efficiently. While all appliances need service from time to time, you can prevent a lot of headaches and expenses by following a few simple guidelines. To prolong the life of your garbage disposal, incorporate these suggestions into your regular kitchen routine:


  1. Never attempt to unclog the garbage disposal while it is running. Turn the power off at the source if necessary to ensure your safety. Always use needle-nose pliers or another tool when attempting to dislodge stuck food. These are essential to ensure your safety when assessing a clog or similar malfunction.
  2. When grinding up food waste, always use cold water. Hot water can liquefy oils and fats which will then clog the pipes later down the line. However, the cold water will solidify them, allowing them to be chopped into small pieces before going down the drain pipe.
  3. Don’t shove big chunks of food down the disposal. If necessary, chop food scraps into smaller pieces before you put them in. Add them a few at a time, keeping the water flow strong and steady. Otherwise, you risk unnecessary wear and tear on the disposal.
  1. Avoid starchy and expandable foods. For instance, potato peels, rice and pasta. Small particles can stick to the sides and become difficult to remove. Excessive amounts of these foods can cause clogs as well.
  2. Fibrous food scraps should not be tossed into the disposal. For instance, corn husks and onion skins. The fibers will get tangled into the unit rather than get broken down.
  3. To avoid unpleasant odors in your kitchen it is important to clean the disposal regularly. All you need for regular cleaning is a few drops of dish soap and cold water. Let it run for a minute or two and enjoy the fresh, clean disposal that results.
  4. Of course, you will need to take additional measures from time to time. Rather than waiting for an off odor to appear, use a special citrus cleaning routine once per week. You can use the peel from lemons, grapefruits or virtually any citrus fruit to freshen up the disposal. Simply tear into rough pieces and grind for a minute or two. The citric acid helps to break down food remnants and freshen the unit.
  5. Another way to eliminate odors while keeping the blades sharp is to use vinegar ice cubes. Simply fill an ice cube tray with plain white vinegar and freeze. Run them through it with plenty of cold water for a natural bacteria control. You might want to dedicate an ice tray to this to ensure your drinks don’t end up tasting like vinegar!

Make sure that you allow the disposal to completely grind all of the food before you turn the unit off. A good rule of thumb is to operate it fifteen to twenty seconds after you think the food is finished. Keep the water running for a few additional seconds to be sure that the lines are clear.


All of these measures will help to keep your garbage disposal in good shape. When you do need assistance, contact Spartan Plumbing in Tucson, Arizona. We provide all of the garbage disposal services you need, Spartan Plumbing can help with garbage disposal installation to maintenance and repairs. Our competitive rates and professional staff are just two of the reasons you can depend on us to take care of your plumbing needs.

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