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Buying A Home? Inspect The Sewer Line!

You found your dream home. It’s beautiful, and the location is ideal to raise a family. It has a nice garden with a breathtaking view. The best part is that you got it for an amazing deal. But, have you checked its sewer line?

This is an issue that most home buyers often overlook. Yet, it’s a crucial part of a home that all buyers should check before sealing the deal.


There are many reasons why you should check a house’s sewer line before buying it.

Clogged sewer lines

It’s important to check the sewer line of a house, especially if it’s over 20 years old. If there’s a large tree near the house, there’s a chance of sewer line clogging because of tree roots. Roots tend to grow toward areas where they can sense water. Since water flows through pipes, the roots may grow in their direction.

If you’re unlucky, the sewer pipe of the house could be entirely clogged by a large root. This can take time and money to repair.


Check if the house has a cesspool. Some old houses still have an intact cesspool. Even though your sewer line is already connected to the city septic system, the intact cesspool could be a problem.

Other sewer line damages

Any kind of sewer line damage can be expensive. There could be leaks or holes in the sewer pipes. If you don’t check it before buying the house, you may need to spend more than you expect on repairs.

Sewer Line Inspections

The only way to get a sewer line inspected is by calling a plumbing company. The real estate agent may refer to some plumbing companies, but it’s best to call one that you trust.

Get a reputable company that will give an unbiased sewer inspection, like Spartan Plumbing.

Before the inspection, it’s important to ask your real estate agent if they’ll allow a camera inspection of the pipes. A reliable plumbing company will use a camera and manoeuvre it into the sewer line. This will give you a clear image if there is any damage or blockages.

The inspector would also be able to give you the status of its overall condition. Don’t forget to ask the inspector about the material used for the sewer line. Old houses built in the 1950’s used materials that weren’t durable.

If you’re lucky, the inspector will find a reconditioned or brand-new sewer line. From the inspection, you’ll get a clear idea if you’ll need to spend money on repairing or reconditioning the sewer line.

The cost of the inspection maybe a few hundred bucks, but it’s a good investment if you’re buying a property. The cost may depend on the size of the sewer line.

Before investing your money in a house or property, make sure to inspect everything. Some homeowners and real estate agents may hide the underlying flaws of houses just to sell the property.

If you get the sewer line inspected and there’s a problem, you have two options. First, you can move on and try looking for another house to buy. Second, you can push through with buying the house and face the repair costs of the sewer line. You can ask the inspector for a quick quote of how much you’d need to spend on the sewer line. If you are still negotiating the purchase of the house, you may be able to pay less for the house based on the needed repairs.

No matter what your choice is, remember to hire inspection or repair services from someone you can trust. Choose a reputable company that has the right equipment for a thorough inspection. You may need to spend a few hundred dollars on it, but you can be sure that your money is well spent.