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Buyer Beware: Unlicensed Plumbing Lands Illinois Man in Prison

According to recent news reports and from sources at the Marana plumbing company Spartan Plumbing Incorporated, a northwest suburban Illinois man has been sentenced to two years in prison for violating a court order prohibiting him from performing plumbing work in the state of Illinois.

The defendant, Joel Ullmer, pleaded guilty in DuPage County Circuit Court to indirect criminal contempt after collecting more than $23,000 from consumers for unlicensed plumbing work.

Prior to Ullmer’s most recent court order a Judge had barred him from working as a plumber without first obtaining a state-required license back in 2003.  Since being barred in 2003 Ullmer had entered into contracts with seven different customers and accepted an approximated amount of $23,404 in payments despite being unlicensed.

As one might expect after receiving payment for a job Ullmer either did not perform the agreed upon work, or began projects to later leave them unfinished.  Moreover, Ullmer failed to inform customers about their righto cancel a contract within three days, as well as failed to return any payments for unfinished work.

After years of scamming customers Ulmer was exposed as a fraudulent plumber in violation of the court ruling from years prior. Now after pleading guilty, Ullmer is scheduled to serve two years in prison and has been ordered to pay restitution to customers he had scammed.

Stories like these serve as a reminder to always verify that the plumber that you have hired is licensed, bonded, and insured in the state that you live in. If located in the Marana or Tucson areas contact the Southwest’s most trusted licensed, bonded, and insured plumbing experts at Spartan Plumbing Incorporated!