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Broken Faucet? Might Be That Time for Replacement


A Guide to Faucets and Sinks

Homeowners and building inhabitants are constantly turning knobs at the kitchen, bathroom or laundry sink. Rushing gallons of water are poured out of faucets while the commodity and its availability is taken for granted.

What will usually give building owners time to consider the importance of their amenities is when they malfunction.

That is also when we come in to provide you great service and a ready solution to plumbing needs. During the absence of your working sink and faucet, you will realize just how undervalued these appliances appear to most. When they do have issues, however, contact us and we will diagnose the cause and provide affordable solutions.

Is it Necessary to Replace My Faucet?

Looking at a faucet will not always be enough to discern the need for replacement. Instead, the best indicator is found with how a faucet is functioning. Secondly, homeowners will want to look closely to the connection where the faucet is attached to a sink. At the base of the faucet should be a solid seal that allows full turning of the spout.

Though this setup allows movement of a sink’s spout, no water should be coming from that joint. But even this may be difficult to visualize as it occurs. On the other hand, it is not unusual for building inhabitants to neglect a faucet by using it when water is already known to spurt out as if pressurized beyond normal function.

This likely means that you are due for a replacement.

What Are Some Signs of Damage?

During the conditions when sinks and faucets need repairs, their continued use will likely result in damage being done to anything nearby. For example, gradual leaks that are left unnoticed will flood areas where leaking faucets are ran. This may result in pools of water found in cabinets beneath a sink.

Water will also soak into wooden made countertops and destroy both the grain’s functionality and appearance.


How to Keep a Faucet from Breaking

Maintaining any appliance related to plumbing should always be a jointed effort with a reliable plumber and a building owner. Together, we’ll have the right frame of mind and game plan to execute the best solutions to keep a faucet healthy.

What you will need to do with our advice and consultation is respect your appliances for the major role they play within your home.

This respect matched with our professionalism will help to enhance the life of any sink and faucet combination.

Having the proper faucet and sink fixture is vital for your Tucson home. If this needs repairing, Call Spartan Plumbing at 520-617-1000, we have the best pair of experts to get the job done.