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Benefit From Clean Drains!


One morning Peter woke up to go hop in the shower and start his day, when suddenly, Peter realized his bathtub was full of icky brown water, and he can’t shower. What if we told you all this could have been avoided if Peter had simply regularly cleaned his drains? We’ll it can be avoided. Don’t be a Peter.

Over time little pieces of food, soap scum, dead skin and hair, grime, and toothpaste all stick to the sides of drains causing buildup. Floor drains build up quicker from dirt and dust throughout the home or building. This build up is not noticed at first because the drain very gradually drains slower. It can cause an odor to linger in your house and go unnoticed unless you aren’t used to it. By the time you notice the change in your sink, bath tub, or toilets drainage, it may be too late. The clog can cause corrosion, and damage to the pipes causing leaks.

In some cases when homeowners don’t know their pipes are suffering from clogged drains, it becomes quite a hassle. Rooms and basements can flood causing massive damage to the home or business; which leads to a much more expensive home remodeling or restoration bill not to mention the damage to priceless possessions.

By not getting a clogged drain taken care of immediately one also poses the risk of spreading disease into their home. We know the proper safety procedures to avoid risk of infection. Anytime you are messing with pipes you are connected to a sewer line. If your drains back up you risk having blood borne pathogens, hepatitis, salmonella, and even MERSA in your bathroom or kitchen.

Let us use our tools and chemicals to clean your drains before it becomes a much more costly, and possibly hazardous project.

Now Peter has a much more expensive plumbing bill. By not knowing his drains needed regular cleaning, he had lost out on a quick money saving procedure that helps to keep his home well maintained. By keeping your drains clean you prevent costly damage from clog, corrosion, or a pipe leaking or bursting, and you prevent infection by not allowing sewer contaminants to back up into your home.

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