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Be Ready for Thanksgiving!

You know the feeling when everyone is done eating their Thanksgiving meal. They are full bloated, probably laying on the couch maybe falling asleep or trying to keep their eyes open to watch football. However, despite this scene, someone has to take responsibility to take care of the dishes and other tasks for cleaning up after the meal. That individual will surely want to know what they can do to prevent a disposal disaster in their home that could occur if they are not careful.


Always Treat The Disposal With Respect

It is very tempting to just throw everything into the garbage disposal at once. Many want to do this because it seems like a quick way to get rid of all that food waste. However, this could be a grave mistake to make. The reason being because the disposal has certain limitations which cannot be breached. It is a mechanical tool that while very powerful, is not invincible.

The more that one stuffs into the disposal, the greater the chance that the disposal will face a failure and therefore not get the job done. Instead, all users should treat the disposal with respect for its limitations.

Running Water Helps Make Things Run Better

It is a simple truth that running water while using the disposal helps it to run more effectively. Many do not think of this and simply start using the disposal. What they are doing is cause the machinery to have to work harder to get the same job done. Just running a little water helps smooth things out and keeps the job running.

Cold water is preferably to hot water in these situations as it simply works better with the process than anything else.

Think Before You Dispose

The easiest thing that we can all do is think before we dispose of something. This means that we can just think about the impact that said item might have on the inner workings of a garbage disposal and therefore determine if this is an item that should go in the disposal or not. In some cases, the answer is no.

Always call a Tucson professional if the disposal has real problems. You don’t want to make the situation worse by trying to fix it yourself or make the situation worse and needing to have the disposal or pipes replaced.

Don’t get clogged up this Thanksgiving in your Tucson, AZ home, call Spartan Plumbing today at 520-617-1000.