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Bad Odor in the Kitchen? Check Your Disposal


Every kitchen should have a garbage disposal. Throwing food waste into a kitchen a trash can is unsanitary and smelly. A garbage disposal is the most effective and efficient way to dispose of garbage and to eliminate nasty kitchen odors.

Some homeowners, however, think that they can throw anything and everything into a garbage disposal and simply flip a switch to get rid of the problem. Using a garbage disposal can lead to a number of problems including nasty odors.

What Important Aspects Must be Done?

It is important to learn the do and don’ts for operating a garbage disposal. Turn on cold water when you are using the disposal. Turn on cold water before turning on the garbage disposal.

The cold water keeps the motor, shredder, and bearings from overheating. Let all the food go down the disposal before turning it off. Allow the water to run for few more minutes to flush the pipes. Not everything should be put into a garbage disposal.

Things to avoid include bones, hard shells, shellfish, banana peels, potato peels, coffee grounds, fruit pits and seeds and egg shells. Never use a garbage disposal as a general disposal for non-food items.

You would be surprised to learn that people put all sorts of things in a garbage disposal including cigarette butts, paper, plastic, sponges and rags to name a few. Rice and paste should also not be put into a disposal. Water will cause them to swell and eventually cause clogs and blockage problems.

When Should Disposals be Cleaned?

Garbage disposals need to be cleaned every now and then to keep them in good working order. Cleaning removes little bits of food stuck in the disposal.

The leftover food remnants can produce unpleasant odors. The first step is to always run water while you are using a disposal. This helps to flush the waste down through the system. Put some ice in the disposal every now and them.


The ice helps to knock off debris that builds up of the sharp edges of the shredder. Pour lemon juice or vinegar into the disposal. They work as a biodegradable cleaner. The rubber ring in the center of the sink becomes very dirty and gives off odor.

Wipe the rubber ring in the center of the sink with a paper towel to clean it. Do the same with the inner side of the ring. Make sure the disposal is turned off before cleaning.

Toss a few orange peels or other citrus peels into the disposal every now and then. Cut the peels into small slices to prevent jams. The citrus keeps the disposal smelling fresh.

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