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Baby Wipes Cause Overflowing Sewage In Paradise

Recently Oahu families were hit with overflowing sewage in their homes.  Six households are now without running water after the neighborhood had to turn the water off to prevent sewage from continuing to build up.  Green Valley Plumbing experts are now using this story as a warning to residents to be careful of what they flush down their toilets.

The plumbing back up is now raising concerns for the health of the Oahu families that have been impacted by the sewage backup.  Some families in the neighborhood have resorted to sleeping in their vans and cars to avoid the sewage back up.

One resident, Angel Sunio, claims that two of her children have already gotten sick from the ordeal. “Right now I’m really frustrated and I’m really hurt that the children are bring ignored, we’re driving down the road to restaurants, to the parks to use the bathroom, to take the kids. We shower at the beach park. It’s cold water so already I’m really upset. I don’t know what to do.” Sunio stated.

The renting residents of the affected neighborhood are hopeful that the landlord will put their families up in a hotel until the sewage can be cleaned up.  Unfortunately for the residents however is the fact that the landlord has no legal obligation to pay for the families to stay in hotels on account of the fact that the plumbing issue has most likely been caused by the residents themselves.

Apparently some residents have been flushing baby wipes down the toilet even after the property manager repeatedly told them not to do so.

Baby wipes and other supposedly “flushable” hygiene wipes have been the cause of many plumbing and sewage backups and disasters, this Oahu community is just the latest to suffer.  The issue arises because baby wipes do not break down like traditional toilet paper after being flushed.

To help avoid any sewage backup issues in your home Green Valley plumbing experts suggest that you never flush any personal hygiene wipes down your toilet.  If a plumbing issue has already occurred make sure to contact a trusted local plumber, if located in the Tucson or Green Valley areas contact the plumbing specialists at Spartan Plumbing Incorporated!