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Are Your Garbage Disposals Functional?

Tips to Have a Functioning Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposals are some of the most useful small appliances in Tucson homes. However, many people take them for granted and assume they can dispose of anything they want when using them. When this is done, it almost always


Whether it’s a clogged drain, clogged pipes, broken motor, bent blades, or other problems, using common sense with a garbage disposal can save both time and money.

To make sure the garbage disposal has been used properly, there are many tips that can be followed by Tucson homeowners to help them avoid those high repair or replacement costs.

Biodegradable Foods Only

Garbage disposals were never designed to act as trash cans for anything a person ever wanted to get rid of.

Nevertheless, people everyday continue to use their disposals to throw away metal objects, glass, paper, plastic, cigarette butts, and in some cases even items that are combustible.

As a result, disposals are often riddled with bent or broken blades, motors that have stopped working, grinding mechanisms that have items stuck inside them, or various other problems. By making sure only biodegradable foods are put into a disposal, these problems can be avoided.

Make Good Use of Running Water

To help a disposal work efficiently, water should be run before the machine is turned on, while it is in use, and after it has completed the grinding process.

Not only does this assure any excess food particles are washed away, but it also helps the blades and other moving parts stay in excellent working order.

Because disposals have been designed to run wet, running one dry can force the motor to work harder and could potentially lead to it having a shorter that expected lifespan. Dryness can also lead to corrosion on the blades, which can make it harder for them to grind up materials.

Clogged Drains

To make sure clogged drains do not become a problem, there are many steps a person can take. For starters, never pour grease or oil down the disposal, since it will accumulate and eventually keep the blades and motor from working.

Coffee grounds, although good for eliminating disposal odors, also lead to clogged drains and pipes if used over an extended period of time. To eliminate odors, it’s best to pour baking soda down the drain and let it set for several hours before washing it away.

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