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AC for All in NYC – A Happy Ending

In New York some 12,000 city class rooms do not have air conditioning currently which is a big problem for teachers ,students, and parents alike. Mayor Bill De Blasio says the city has finally decided to invest the money needed to give air conditioning for every single classroom in the NY1 district.

The heat in NY1 district has always been a big issue, especially in the older building that don’t have great ventilation. The problem was though that the city officials have always said there are more pressing matters that needed to be dealt with before this issue. Now finally in 2017 the city will spend nearly $30 million to outfit all classrooms with air conditioners over the next five years. The price seems expensive, but the fact that children will not be able to better focus while learning in the district is what is most important.

If you didn’t think that heat problem before was a problem for children to learn in these class rooms, here are some quotes from students from the past about the issue of the temperature in the classrooms. “You actually can’t concentrate that much because of the heat,” said one “It’s horrible, it’s just horrible. I’m all uncomfortable and I’m not focused,” said another. “It’s horrible. It’s very hot,” said a fourth. “We have one fan, it’s rusted and it just makes noise. It doesn’t cool the room down anyway.” One sad aspect of the issue is that many schools that serve wealthier families have been able to raise PTA money to equip their classrooms with air conditioners while schools in the NY1 district don’t have those kind of resources. In total about a third of the city classrooms need air conditioning, and this year 2,000 classrooms are planned to be upgraded.

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