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7 Quick Summer AC Tips

At Spartan, we are all about you getting the most from your plumbing, heating, & cooling units that is why we compiled a list of 7 Quick Summer Air conditioning tips. The tips will help your AC run better this summer and in general all year round. Don’t forget if you want a licensed professional to come out and help you contact Spartan today and see why so many in the greater Tucson area call Spartan first!

  1. Don’t Leave Doors Open – Make sure that everyone living in your home closes the door while doing anything.
  2. Make sure entry and exist ways are sealed – If your home is not sealed properly you are losing tons of cool air. Make sure your home is sealed and air tight so that you can get the most from your unit.
  3. Upgrade older systems – If your system is 20+ years old you might want to think about upgrading, there have been some major advancements in AC units in the last 10-20 years.
  4. Close blinds during hot summer days – again plan ahead if you know it’s going to be hot leave blinds and curtains closed.
  5. Use fans whenever possible – Use floor or ceiling fans whenever possible they are a much cheaper alternative than using your AC unit but will not suffice by themselves.
  6. Try 79 degrees Fahrenheit as a good baseline (most units are optimized to run at this temperature)
  7. Timing – this means using your unit most when it won’t have the work the hardest. Example if its going to be a hot day make sure that you use your AC earlier before it gets really hot. This will allow your AC to work at optimal settings.

Follow these simple 7 tips to help you beat the heat, but remember if you have any problems with your unit contact a licensed professional like Spartan Plumbing, Heating and Cooling today! If you would like to learn more about cooling your home or need help with plumbing, heating or cooling contact Spartan today. At Spartan we can handle any plumbing, heating or cooling problem you may have for your home or business. Contact us today and see why Caesars Palace, and many other institutions choose Spartan Plumbing, Heating and Cooling for their work! Don’t melt this summer contact Spartan now!




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