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6 AC Tips For Summer and Helping You Beat The Heat

Here at Spartan we are dedicated to helping you keep your homes plumbing, heating, & cooling in top shape that is why we created this list of 6 AC tips for summer. Follow these simple 6 tips to help better protect your cooling system during the summer this year, or get the most out of your unit. Don’t forget that if you’re unsure about any AC problem its always best to call a licensed professional like Spartan to handle it, then to hurt yourself or damage it further.

  1. Check The Breaker – If your AC won’t turn on or your having trouble with getting it to stay on during the summer you might try checking your breaker. Sometimes this can be an easy fix to a AC on the fritz during summer.
  2. Check Your Thermostat – Make sure that your thermostat is set in the optimal settings for summer weather. It is generally a good idea to keep your AC around 78-82 degrees for optimal cooling per cost on most modern units. Read the manual provided with your thermostat to help you find out how to get the most from your AC unit.
  3. Change your Filter – Changing the filter in your AC can be annoying and many of us forget, but this is an essential part to air condition maintenance. If you forget to change your filters it can cause increased cooling prices, and make your unit as a whole less efficient.
  4. Melt Ice – If you inspect your unit and it is covered in ice let the ice melt before using your unit again. If your unit is covered in ice it will reduce the efficiency greatly of your unit. If your unit continues to freeze up after you have melted the ice make sure to call an Air Conditioning repair company like Spartan.
  5. Keep Your Unit Clean – Your Air Conditioning unit will get dirty over the years so cleaning it is essential to proper maintenance. If you are unsure how to clean your unit correctly read your manual or call a professional like Spartan to help you with the process.
  6. Check Ducts – Be careful if you have to climb up into your attic or other problem areas to examine them, but it’s a good idea to inspect your ducts each year. Often ducts will become obstructed with debris, and this will make cooling or heating your house much harder for your unit.

Follow these simple 6 tips to help you maintain your Air Conditioning unit, but remember if you have any problems with your unit contact a licensed professional like Spartan today! If you would like to learn more about cooling your home or need help with plumbing, heating or cooling contact Spartan today. At Spartan we can handle any plumbing, heating or cooling problem you may have for your home or business. Contact us today and see why Caesars Palace, and many other institutions choose Spartan Plumbing, Heating and Cooling for their work! Don’t melt this summer contact Spartan now!

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