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5 New Plumbing Tips To Save

Here at Spartan we are all about trying to make our customers life’s easier by informing them of new deals and information about their plumbing, heating, & cooling units. In this week’s article, we focus on different ways that you can clear a clog on your property. It is important to remember that if you have any plumbing problems that you don’t feel comfortable dealing with that you call a licensed professional like Spartan Plumbing. If you do have a clog and want to try and tackle it on your own here are some tips to help you!

  1. Always Plunge First – Its always a good idea to give your clog a good plunging first as this is the easiest way to remove a clog. Make sure when you are using the plunger that you get a good seal for maximum suction when plunging.
  2. Be Careful With Liquid Drain Cleaners – The most common drain cleaners are made of very harsh chemicals that can damage your pipes. If you can try and use a more earth friendly drain cleaner or another method.
  3. Go Under The Sink – Most Clogs require that your examine where the clog is no matter if it’s under your sink or in your toilet. It is always a good rule of thumb to keep a bucket next to you while you work in case of leaks.
  4. Never Panic – You should never panic if you cannot get your drain unclogged! Simply call a licensed professional like Spartan today and lets us come handle it.

Don’t hesitate to contact Spartan Plumbing today. If you or someone you know is dealing with plumbing problems in the greater Tucson area. Let one of our dedicated team members come out to your residence and handle all your problems for you! At Spartan Plumbing, Heating & Cooling we are dedicated to serving you with the highest quality service. If you are experiencing slow drains or you are faced with a clogged toilet that wont unclog, get in touch with Spartan Plumbing today.